New Book by "A Collage A Day" artist Randel Plowman

I just love collage! It's fascinating to be able to "re-assemble" images and transform them into something else. Back, In my Art School Days my portfolio consisted of all stylized contemporary collages. Now, I find myself fascinated with Digital Collage too! Photoshop has enabled me to do things otherwise impossible with traditional collage, like transforming an image Bigger or Smaller... I still get excited finding myself on treks to Antique Malls, Garage & Yard Sales in search of ephemera to use in a Collage. I just recently created this new Day of the Dead collage Wall Plaque.

Check out Randel Plowman's blog A Collage A Day and get his book here. This book is a great instructional book with many wonderful tutorials...Highly Recommend!

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