What have I been up to, lately?

Sorry, for not posting much on my blog... Between renovating the Upstairs rental unit and being sick with the FLU, I am trying to catch up... Stay tuned! There will be a lot of changes here on this blog. You can expect book reviews and posts on fellow artist work(s), things that inspire me and some tutorials too! Haven't had much time to photograph my new Art pieces due to lack of time. I will be listing these new 6" X 6" and 8" X 8" inch Wall Plaques soon to the shop. Until then, Thanks for stopping by!


Bee said...

Hope you are feeling better. Look forward to your new listings on Etsy. :)

Walter Silva said...

Thanks, Bee!

Zach said...

Flu begone, Walter! Looking forward to the new stuff coming on the site.