New Zeus Sun Plaque finished

Just completed and listed this mini Zeus Wall assemblage to my Etsy shop!

 Back is decoupaged with a faux embroidery "Love" paper.

Ready to hang and available here:


Just in time for Back To School

Just listed three NEW Desk Organizers to my Etsy shop!
 Decoupaged and embellished with some rubber stamps.
 Decoupaged with trendy geometric patterned papers.
This one was painted with many layers of Chalk paint and lightly sanded to reveal the original naif flowers painted on the organizer. Very Shabby Chic! Thanks for taking a look!


Sneek peek of what I am working on...

 Vibrant doodle peg doll family.
      Doodle Finger puppets / peg doll family.
I love to doodle! Some of my best works and ideas originated from doodles.
And I love toys!.. So, wht not merge both? Presto! Introducing
one of a kind doodle Peg Dolls and Finger puppets.
Great for the Art collector, playtime and/or room display.
I will be adding these soon to my Etsy shop.



I spot one of my product designs in the latest issue of UPPERCASE 25

Nothing like opening up one of my favorite periodicals 
and seeing one of my Product Designs featured!
This is the cover to the latest UPPERCASE 25 Magazine.
The Printmaking edition.

There it is on page 11.  My Print inspired photo-frame!
Made with Color Bars cut from the Ends of a Print Run.
I decoupaged these strips onto a Frame and sealed 
with Hard coat Mod Podge. 
What a great way to re-purpose those bright strips of paper
 that would have ended up in the landfill.
These bright strips of color together remind me of Quilts!

A limited edition is available at my Etsy Shop.


Bearded Macho Men Doodle Magnets

Doodling is something I do,  just about everyday! 
I start my day with a black Sharpie, Cardboard and Coffee.
Then I scan them and re-work them in Photoshop.
Make some high quality prints... and I am ready to Mod Podge!

I love making magnets. Especially out of re-purposed wood, like discarded wine crates.
• I decoupage my illustration(s) onto the wood with Mod Podge.
• Added some sparkle MP to the hearts.
• Seal with Many layers of UV High Gloss Varnish!

These magnets are super cute and High quality!
Available in my Etsy shop.


Featured in the Premiere issue of ROOM To CREATE

It's always a great feeling of accomplishment seeing an item of mine featured in a magazine!
ROOM To CREATE is a great magazine featuring incredible craft spaces of inspired women and more...

Pages 12 and 13 feature favorite storage finds found on Etsy! My Geometric Butterfly Crayon / Pencil holder on Page 13, #3 was selected!

Its a wonderful periodical and look forward to the next issue!