NEW Initial Ring Boxes available!

Just in time for the Holiday Season,
Silva Ware is now offering New Metallic colored boxes.
And, they can be personalized with an Initial "A thru Z".

Available in my Etsy shop.


DIY : Plaid Footstool Makeover

This Red Stool was another Brimfield Antique Flea Market find. 
The Top was preciously decoupaged with imagery not worth
 showing. Made of solid wood with red paint and hints of
Black spray paint, yielding a rustic look. This was 
something I could transform very easily.

• Sanded off the top!
• Then cleaned the whole piece with mild soap and water & let dry.

• Placed the top of the stool onto the Card-stock of my choice.
• Traced the top onto the paper and cut out my piece.
• With a wider brush, I applied Decoupage medium onto the TOP of the Stool and onto the bottom of my cut Card-stock imagery!

Working quickly and with my trusty red plastic dough scrapper at hand, pressing down onto the card-stock.
• Moving up and down & side to side making sure to remove any air bubbles.
• Let dry for about 25 minutes

• Then, I took a quality Nail file and removed the excess card stock of the edges.
Revealing some of the wood, yielding a Rustic look!
• Wiped off debris and clean up for the next final step.
• Applied a few coats of Furniture Mod Podge to the Plaid Card stock as described on the bottle.

And, that my friend(s) was it! Love the way this came out.
Easy to do!

This Piece is available in my Etsy shop here.


Great News! Rhode Island fans...

Brand New item(s) release!

Silva Ware "Rhode Island" Souvenir Magnets are now available for retail purchase in my Etsy shop!


Hello, Spring 2018

Its been a while since I have posted. 2017 ended with many CUSTOM orders for personalized Peg Doll family and Pet portriats Paintings! Two things I love to do. Their will be a lot of changes here at Silva Ware, in the upcoming months. My emphasis will be geared mostly on Toy making and painting.

I will still offer my signature decoupaged boxes and some home decor. Though, the emphasis will be making Custom/Personalized ART gifts.

And of course a lot more of these Peg Doll families and pets!

A Big Thank You to all Silva Ware by Walter Silva fans! 
 Either via a Peg Doll or Painting.


2017 Peg Doll Collection

As most of you may know. Every year, I create a limited batch of doodle Peg Dolls.
They are super fun to create and I am happy to offer them.
Available here:

Gotta say this Black Family of Peg Dolls is my favorite.
Especially the Mother Peg Doll, so many lovely details.

Available here:

And of course, I am always able to create a CUSTOM peg dolls.
Please get in touch and leave a comment!


NEW Ornament(s) added to my Shop!

Yes, it's August, I know... Your probably thinking Ornaments? 
Yep, this is the time of year Buyers shop for Ornaments. 
Though this will mostly be limited to my Wholesale side of Silva Ware.
I will be offering a limited collection in my retail shop!


Laser cut discs in two sizes: 2" and 2 1/2", decoupaged with my illustration
images and sealed with a hard coat sealer. Ribbon attached to a eye screw, ready to hang.

See them here: