DIY - Personalized Bear Ornaments

When I saw these Blank Bear ornament(s) I fell in love.
I knew I could make them extra special by personalizing them.
There are many ways to do image transfers, but this is how I made mine.
I measured the area that I wanted personalized and 
in Adobe PS, I created the name to fit a 3" area & had them 
LASER printed in REVERSE.

This is what you need!

• Blank Wooden Bear Ornament(s).
• Image printed in reverse or mirror image (Laser Copy).
• Brush, Mod Podge Silicone Mat and finger caps & plastic squeegee.
• Golden regular gel matte
• Sea sponge

I applied some Golden Regular Gel (Matte) onto the area of Blank Bear ornament that I wanted the image to appear.  Then applied the Gel to the actual image part of the laser copy! Laid the image onto the Blank Bear ornament and with my plastic squeegee pressed semi firmly to eliminate any air bubbles. 

Then, with my Silicone Finger caps, I pressed the image into the groves of the wood.
You only have to do this if the wood is NOT smooth. 

Let it dry minimum 2 hours.

Using my Sea sponge and a bowl or warm water. I saturated the image till it becomes somewhat visible! Waited 3 minutes for the image to be fully saturated with water.

Use the sponge in a circular motion to reveal the image. This is the Fun part!

Wipe off all the remaining paper off...

This was VERY simple and the results are fantastic!
Tip: Use a baby wipe to clean off any remaining paper fibers.
My transfer image was a success! It looks as if it was made this way!
I could have sealed it with any sealer but did not need to, 
since I am aiming for the rustic Luxe look.

Imagine all the things you can personalize with this technique.

Thanks for stopping by!

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