DIY - Decoupage Pencil Cup

Here is a Super FUN decoupaged Pencil cup I made.
This is how I made it!

• Wooden Pencil Cup.
• Mod Podge Hardcoat and MP Sparkle.
• Rainbow and clouds imagery.
• Sable brush, Cutting knife, Pencil, ruler and cloth measuring tape. 
• Self healing cutting Matt.

I measured the circumference of the wooden pencil cup with my cloth measuring tape. 

Cut my imagery to fit the circumference and height of the wooden cup.

Laid out all my items.
Applied Hard coat MP to exterior of wooden pencil cup.
And, quickly brushed on HCMP to the back of the imagery.
Next apply the imagery onto the wooden cup. 
Let dry for 20 minutes or longer...

Next, I applied some sparkle MP to some of the clouds.
Tip: The more coats you apply the more sparkle:) 

Let dry 20 minutes, in between coats.
Once dried, I sealed the whole exterior (not the bottom) with hard coat MP.

Love the way this looks! It's fairly easy, just need to be patient with the drying time for each step.
I always aim for quality when, I decoupage. So, I don't rush any steps!

Project completed! Fill with Pens, Pencils and Markers.
I will be offering this item for Sale in my Etsy shop here.
Thanks for stoping by!

Check out my BONUS Video Tutorial Here.

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