Decoupaged Caddy with Vibrant Papers

What a great way to organize and store craft supplies in one place & ready for on the go organization!

Despite a few nicks and scratches. This caddy was in great shape and made well.
Perfect and ready to be transformed!
Supplies List:
• Caddy
• Paper
• Any decoupage medium, I chose Hard Coat Mod Podge
• Brush
• Pencil and scissors.
• Fine grit Sandpaper (OPTIONAL)

TIP: I use a dollar store, dough scraper that is one of the best tools ever.
It is made of plastic, has a beveled edge, flexible and easy to clean with soapy water.

I choose some on trend Vibrant patterned card-stock.
Decided with polka dotted paper for the ends & Herringbone pattern for the sides.
• Traced the side(s) of the caddy onto the papers. And cut out the shapes with scissors.
• Layout the paper(s) for each side (see photo).
Ready to be decoupaged!
• Apply Mod Podge to the the side of the caddy & to the bottom of the card-stock.
I work on one side at a time & allow drying time (20 minutes), so that I can trim excess paper before I move onto the next side.


To make sure I have excellent contact, this is were my trusty dough scraper acts like a squeegee.
Start from one end to the other & wipe off excess medium (Q-tips work well)! This will eliminate air bubbles and smooth out the card-stock.

CAUTION: Some popular decoupage squeegees are made of black rubber and do not glide well & leave black residue on the paper!

After I finished decoupaging all four sides, I took some fine grit sand paper and slightly sanded some random edges (optional step).
Wipe any excesses dust from the sanding!
With a nice brush apply Hard coat medium in the same direction and let dry for about 30 minutes!
Hard coat is a excellent, non toxic & durable sealer.

Voila, Project is completed! Great for storing utensils, make-up brushes, Markers, pencils, etc!

This example is available for Sale in my Etsy shop.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Grandmother Carolyn said...

Add to you titles, All-Around-Good-Guy! This is excellent - love the idea, your progression of the work is very good, and I think that it is brilliant for you to do a "walk-along" thru the process from start to finish to a place in your Shop!

Good going!