DIY - Nautical Keepsake Box

I get a lot of inspiration when I visit my favorite beach...
The trek alone takes over a hour and a half on foot, 
no other way to get there... And it is so worth it! 
I always seem to pick up white stones and shells, when wet they look magical... These little gifts from mother nature make me smile.
So, I decided what I needed is a container to house these special treasures. A little rustic Nautical keepsake box. 
This is how I made it! 

• Antique Matte Mod Podge
• Gloss Mod Podge ( You can use any Mod Podge)
• Mod Podge Tools
• Unfinished Wood Box
• Brushes
• Folk Art Stains (Love this product)
• Papers and prints to decoupage (Make sure they are copyright free)
• Sand paper or file (Not shown) for a rustic look (Optional)

• Stain the whole box with any Folk Art Stains.
Let dry...
• Dab a little stain on the edge of the Print, let dry...
• I decoupaged a piece of "Net" like paper on the top of Box, let dry...
Then, I decoupaged the "dry" print on top of the "net" like paper, this yields a
nice border frame.

Then I decoupaged the interior bottom and Top of box, let dry!
All images came from the Graphics Fairy & altered in Photoshop.

• Sanded some of the edges of the box, aiming for a Rustic Nautical Look!
• Wipe clean...
Then I sealed the whole box with Antique Matte Mod Podge, let dry ( 10-20 minutes ) and repeat!
Use more coats till you get the desired antique look, I used 3 coats.
Let dry....

Project completed!
Ready to fill with my treasures found on Cape Cod beaches!

Check out this Fun You Tube video of this tutorial: 

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