Busy finishing up a lot of Unfinished Projects

I can't believe how a half year has flown by! Where does the time go? Yikes!!!
My studio is a HOT mess! I have so many unfinished projects and series of New Wall Plaques that should have been completed before Valentines Day! Yes,  Feb. 14th!,  LOL...

I don't think I have ever been this overwhelmed with making so much ART! But, honestly not complaining... LOVE, what I do. Wish the days were longer, or better yet an assistant would be nice.

Here is a New thing that I have been doing to refresh my head... re- arranging type and creating new "Landscapes" and "Perspective" using good ole TYPE.

Here is a sneak peek for a New Tutorial I did for Mod Podge Rocks... to be posted early July.

 It feels great working with collage again, that is "Traditional" as apposed to my Digital Collage.
Any hoot be on the look out for NEW listed items in my shop.

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