Frank Gehry's Redesign

Not to long ago, while visiting my Mother up North. I visited the newly remodeled Art Gallery of Ontario, in Toronto. Frank Gehry's work has always inspired me, it takes my mind to a higher sense. Spent a good portion of my visit walking around the interior observing the complexity of form, volume and space. Whew!!! It was amazing walking up the stairs, surrounded by many layers of bent plywood creating unbelievable shapes and yet so functional! If you visit Toronto, check out The AGO. Also, highly recommend the film, Sketches of Frank Gehry by Sydney Pollack


Whiskers and Tea said...

Cool post! It must be an amazing experience walking through that place! Frank Gehry is a visionary!

Walter Silva said...

Agreed! It was great interacting with the new construction. It really was a great experience.